Cooking With Love
01 Jul 2013
Cooking with Love for the orphans and elderly!
He is immobile but his heart never stops beating for those in need!

Ong Chin Huat (Chin Huat) was diagnosed with Poliomyelitis since young. He could not walk properly and had to rely on a wheelchair to move around at times. But, the 40-year-old is undeterred when it comes to helping those in need. Since a few years ago, he started extending a helping hand to the underprivileged in society, by cooking delicious meals for the orphans and elderly.

This time, with the support from Big Sweep, he is going to prepare a sumptuous lunch for the 52 residents at Seberang Perai Utara Happy Retirement Home to provide them with a memorable and meaningful Parents’ Day.

Chin Huat Guides Big Sweep Employees: 7 Delicacies for the Elderly
In order to prepare a feast that is suitable for the elderly, Chin Huat woke up around 5 o’clock on a Sunday morning and went out on his own to buy fresh ingredients for the lunch before joining the team of volunteers at Seberang Perai Utara Happy Retirement Home.

At the beginning, his family had wanted to help him out with the cooking but the plan was thwarted last minute as they faced some transportation issues. Fortunately, he had the support of his friends from the Society of the Disabled Person Penang, Mr. Kwok (43), Mr. Lee (54) and Mr. Ng (60), who transported the ingredients all the way from Penang Island to Seberang Perai in their motorcycles. Under the guidance from Chin Huat himself and the help from dozens of passionate Big Sweep staff members, the 7-dish lunch was promptly served.

Chin Huat serves the elderly
Subsequently, with the assistance of Head of Big Sweep Northern Region, Miss Ang Chai Hong, Chin Huat served the elderly personally and explained his cooking to them, not forgetting to remind them to enjoy their meal slowly.

Plagued by Poliomyelitis since young, he learned to become independent by selling Big Sweep
Chin Huat revealed that he was diagnosed with Poliomyelitis since young and had only started walking when he was 7. His family was very poor, so he dropped out of secondary school and started selling Big Sweep to support himself.

"My dad was just a school bus driver, but there were 9 children in the family, so we were really poor. When my parents found out that I was immobile, they decided to do more charity work, which they believed will give us more blessings in return. Since then, I have followed their footsteps and started cooking meals for the residents at the elderly homes."

More recently, Chin Huat had started volunteering at the elderly’s home or orphanage on his own. He has inspired his friends to join in the effort. Whenever there is a need, you’ll see the team!

A week spent planning for the lunch
Since young, he spent his childhood tagging along with his parents volunteering at elderly homes, he had lent his ears to the residents and had heard many sad stories. He was especially moved by this old couple’s predicament; they raised 10 kids but none of them were willing to look after the aging parents. As such, the older he gets, the more Chin Huat wants to help out and to share his love to the less fortunate.

This time, in order to prepare a great lunch for the 52 elders, he spent a week thinking and planning. Eventually, he decided to use turnip , tofu, eggs and other ingredients to design 7 dishes which are beneficial for the digestion of the elderly. Other than cooking, Chin Huat and his friends also prepared many Ang Pows as presents for the elderly. He also wrote a touching calligraphy for Miss Koh, person-in-charge of Happy Retirement Home, which left the latter feeling happy and overwhelmed.

Ang Chai Hong: “Project Angel” grants wishes
The physically-challenged rise and shine.

The 7-dish feast for the elderly was successfully organized by Big Sweep Northern Region through their Project Angel programme. According to Miss Ang, Big Sweep has started promoting Project Angel to help physically-challenged individuals fulfill their wishes by aiding the underprivileged. Through the events, they can also show the world that they too can make a difference and be successful. In addition, this also serves as a platform to give them the opportunity to learn to become more independent.

She added, "It is our honor to be given the opportunity to help Ong Chin Huat to fulfill his wish. Before he came along, we also helped another physically-challenged individual in the similar manner."

Physically-challenged provided with jobs and opportunities
Miss Ang pointed out that Big Sweep has been actively providing opportunities to the physically-challenged, in order to encourage them to look after themselves and not feel abandoned by the community. This also encourages their families to not be overly protective towards them. As long as an individual is positive and would like to contribute to the less fortunate, Big Sweep will be there to help them.

According to Miss Ang, the cost of the lunch which amounted to RM1,200 was wholly paid by donations collected from Big Sweep staff, friends and public. She also handed over RM2,000 cash donation from Big Sweep to the Happy Retirement Home.