Angel Ah Seng Sells Big Sweep!
19 Aug 2013
Spastic Patient Wants to be Self-reliant!
Angel Ah Seng Sells Big Sweep!
(Kwong Wah Yit Poh) Penang, 25th July - Angel Sells Big Sweep – you’re promised happiness even without striking jackpot!

He walks somewhat unsteadily with his spastic limbs. Every time he tries to say something, he cocks his head and tries very hard to utter his words.

Today marks the second week of his career. He beams innocently, smiles shyly sitting at the entrance to the Farlim wet market, where he sells Big Sweep. His presence attracts the attention of uncles and aunties, who swarm forward and purchase Big Sweep from him.

Beside him is a small table with Big Sweep tickets and a self-introductory placard which reads, “I would like to make my own living…..”

His name is Wong Kah Seng and he is 32. He was born with yellow skin, plagued by cerebral spastic palsy. Every morning, for the past two weeks, before Ah Seng’s mother went to work at a private hospital, she would send him to the wet market to sell Big Sweep, so that the physically-challenged Ah Seng can learn to be self-reliant. She would then return at 12 noon to bring Ah Seng home.

“Ah Seng Sells Big Sweep” is part of Project Angel, a collaboration between Sima Handicapped Centre and Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd (Big Sweep), which aims to provide opportunities to physically-challenged individuals to make their own living.

On average, Ah Seng can sell more than a hundred tickets per day, so he takes home at least RM20 plus. When he gets home around noon, he eats and takes a rest, after which he turns on his computer and starts playing computer games. He also gets on the internet and browses Facebook. Previously, before he started selling Big Sweep, Ah Seng worked at a mall at Pulau Tikus, selling stationery such as pens and bookmarks, but his income was considerably lower.

Our reporter was told that Ah Seng was initially shy and unwilling to sell Big Sweep in public. Then came the fateful morning when he was approached by some customers. He was a little slow when he was sorting out money and changes, but he was very attentive and very happy. Finally, Ah Seng found himself at that moment. For the Big Sweep customers who receive joy through helping others, purchasing Big Sweep from the Angel might not lead them to any prizes, but they will bring home buckets full of happiness!

Big Sweep and Sima Provide Active Training
Head of Northern Region of Big Sweep, Miss Ang Chai Hong, told reporters that her company started Project Angel about a year ago to aid physically-challenged individuals nationwide through selling Big Sweep. In order to encourage physically-challenged individuals to make their own living and be independent, Project Angel chooses and provides training to individuals who can understand basic arithmetic, after which they arrange for the trained Angels to sell Big Sweep at wet markets or shopping malls. Eventually, all these efforts will help the physically-challenged individuals to build their confidence.

Miss Ang also revealed that under the training and arrangement of Big Sweep and Sima Handicapped Centre, they are now a strong team of 60 Angels in Northern Region of Malaysia; in Penang alone, there are over 30 of them.

“They are like the Angels with broken wings, they too are entitled to jobs. As such, we should extend our hands to them and acknowledge their contribution to the society. This is why we are inspired to set up Project Angel.” According to Miss Ang, in the process of helping the Angels to sell Big Sweep, officials from Big Sweep would be around to assist the Angels everyday whenever necessary, till they could adapt to the environment and be independent. She also added that Big Sweep draws once every 3 weeks and for every draw, 7 million tickets priced at RM3 each are sold.

Ang Chai Hong Invites to the Physically-Challenged to Attend Talks
Miss Ang told reporter that not every wet market or public places allow Big Sweep ticket-selling. In this regard, Big Sweep has approached Penang Town Council to help the physically-challenged individuals to apply for operating permits, so that they can set up their stalls and run their own businesses. She mentioned that the Penang Branch of Big Sweep will arrange a lunch meet on 4th August at the YMCA, Macalister Road, Penang for all the Angels, so that the Angels can have some bonding time with their families and share experiences with each other. She also appealed to the physically-challenged individuals who can understand basic arithmetic and those who want to be self-reliant to contact the local Big Sweep branch (Tel: 04-2289688) or Sima Handicapped Centre (Tel: 016-4050432) for interviews.