Broken-winged Angel, Wong Kah Seng:
Four days after birth, Wong Kah Seng had jaundice, which led to Cerebral Palsy, causing him to have spasms of the limbs and poor vision. Although his intelligence is not affected, Kah Seng’s health has been very weak and his physical development is slower. He started to learn to walk at age of seven. Due to his illness, Kah Seng’s posture is unbalanced and his steps are wobbly.

Wong Kah Seng's parents have four children. Kah Seng is the second child, and he has an elder sister and two younger brothers. His parents have been most worried about him. As both parents needed to work outstation, Kah Seng was brought up by his grandmother. He received his early education at The Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children’s Association of Penang. Upon adulthood, Kah Seng joined Sima Handicapped Center for training. Nowadays, Kah Seng can personally complete the basic daily chores such as eating, bathing and changing clothes. However, he still has difficulties in speech and sometimes, outsiders find it hard to understand his words. Kah Seng always wanted to join the workforce but he lacks confidence due to his physical condition. In addition, he has not met anyone who was willing to give him a job opportunity. Kah Seng’s parents have been very encouraging and hope that he has courage to be independent and learn to self-care. Their prayers were answered when Sima Handicapped Centre arranged Kah Seng to join Big Sweep Project Angel to sell Big Sweep tickets as a way to earn a living. Big Sweep Project Angel provided Kah Seng a platform to a vocation, gain confidence, become independent and be part of society. With training and assistance from Big Sweep Project Angel’s members, Kah Seng learned the trade of selling Big Sweep tickets and stationery in just three weeks’ time. During the learning process, Kah Seng faced some setbacks, but he was strong and did not give up. Every day, he will make his way to Farlim Market, Penang to commence business. His movement is slower than average but he can achieve his purpose and is much happier than before. As Kah Seng learned to be independent, his parents’ hearts are filled with relief. In order for Kah Seng to have a fixed and permanent trading site , Sima Handicapped Center assisted him in his application for a license with the municipal council. Finally, Kah Seng has his own stall, which is twice the size of the previous site. This could only mean that Kah Seng’s business has expanded. Today, Kah Seng is not simply a small entrepreneur running his own business; he serves as a role model to inspire other less privileged individuals to be independent.