Penang Chinese Town Hall Dinner Windfall – One Lucky Winner of Big Sweep RM1 million and 499 Happy Prize Winners
Date posted: 25 Oct 2016

Kwong Wah Yit Poh | Nation | A3

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Penang, 24 October | In support of Yu Cai Foundation, Penang Chinese Town Hall (PCTH) has for the first time allowed Big Sweep tickets to be sold at their anniversary dinner. Of the tickets sold at the event, one has won the Second Prize of RM1 million and at least 499 others won the RM100 Happy Prize.


At the Big Sweep draw on 23 October, the RM1 million Second Prize number drawn was “5903600” and it was confirmed to be sold in Penang. As the RM100 Happy Prize is based on the first four digits of the First, Second and Third Prizes, many Penangites would have won a minor bonus with tickets bearing the front four digits of “5903”. Lucky attendees at the Penang Chinese Town Hall dinner snagged the Second Prize and at least 499 Happy Prizes.


Teh Eng Hin: Big Sweep tickets sold for the first time

In an interview with Kwong Wah Yit Poh on 28 September, PCTH Vice Chairman, Teh Eng Hin said that in support of Yu Cai Foundation, Big Sweep staff was allowed for the first time to sell Big Sweep tickets at their 141st anniversary dinner.


He said that after the draw on Sunday, he received a call informing him that one of the attendees at the dinner has won the Second Prize of RM1 million.


He said that the attendees at the dinner comprised of representatives from Chinese associations in Penang and other states, and the identity of the lucky winner of this windfall is not known to him.


Ang Chai Hong: 2,600 Big Sweep tickets were sold at the dinner

At a press conference this afternoon, Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd Northern Region Head, Ang Chai Hong stated that 2,600 Big Sweep tickets were sold that night and at least 500 tickets won prizes, one of which is the Second Prize of RM1 million.


She said that she is grateful of PCTH’s support of Yu Cai Foundation and their willingness to promote and increase awareness of its mission and vision at the celebratory dinner. She added that all surpluses from Big Sweep will be donated to Yu Cai Foundation and that buying Big Sweep tickets means support for mother tongue education. She said that any enquiries on Yu Cai Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to nurturing talent through education, could be made by contacting the company.


She mentioned that there are at least 1,000 lucky winners in Penang, including the Second Prize of RM1 million and 999 Happy Prizes.


Also present at the press conference was PCTH Youth Section - Chief of PR Team, Tan Chun Yeh.


Second Prize winner an ordinary uncle – Teh Eng Hin rally for donation

Tan said that according to information received, the lucky winner of the Second Prize is an ordinary uncle.Vice Chairman Teh hopes that the winner would donate part of his prize money to fund upgrading works at the town hall.