Big Sweep Second Prize won in Ipoh – Friends shared RM1 million prize money
Date posted: 05 Jan 2017

Guang Ming Daily | News | A4

5 January 2017 | Thursday



Kuala Lumpur, 4 January | Christmas gift from Big Sweep! At the Big Sweep Draw 18/16, drawn on 25 December 2016, the Second Prize ticket, 2616827, was won in Ipoh, Perak. A group of decades-old friends shared the prize money equally, and proclaimed this windfall, their big harvest to usher in the year of Roaster.


This group of childhood friends often gather for tea and to volunteer at charitable organisations. They buy Big Sweep tickets in support Mandarin based education. Their leader known as “Big Sister” would be responsible of for buying tickets and tracking their winnings. They had previously won RM10,000 and other small prizes.


The night after Christmas, Big Sister dreamt that she and her group of friends were cheering happily because they had won a prize. She awakened with a start and could no longer sleep. A small voice urged her to check the draw results using Big Sweep App.


Upon checking the draw results, one of their tickets matched and won Big Sweep Second Prize. She happily woke up her husband and called up her friends in turns but all of them were too groggy to believe her. In the morning, the group of friends gathered at her home and checked the results once more.


They met the next day to drive to Kuala Lumpur Head Office to claim their prize. It was a very lively room with over 10 friends seated together. While awaiting their cheques, they talked about their friendship, trust and the good luck bestowed upon them by the God of Fortune.


On the other hand, the First Prize ticket, 7186716, with a prize amount of RM3 million was distributed by an agent in Mentakab to their ticket seller in Bentong, Pahang.


According to the agent, the ticket seller sells Big Sweep tickets at various restaurants in Bentong town and the bus terminal. As the prize is not claimed yet, could the lucky winner be a resident of Bentong or someone passing through?


The Jackpot Prize was not won and has snowballed to RM8.5 million.


The next Draw 1/17 will be held on 15 January 2017 at Perak Turf Club.