Tickets bought at celebration dinner of mother-in-law’s birthday wins businessman RM12 million
Date posted: 17 Feb 2017

Guang Ming Daily | News | A3

17 February 2017 | Friday

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Kuala Lumpur, 16 February | The lucky winner of the Big Sweep Draw 2/17, drawn on the 9th day of Chinese New Year, arrived at the Kuala Lumpur office to claim his RM12 million winnings.


The fortunate winner is a 50 year-old businessman, who frequents a shop in Seremban to buy Big Sweep tickets almost every draw.


He had already bought some tickets before Chinese New Year. At the celebration dinner of his mother-in-law’s birthday, a ticket seller approached their table. As food was not served yet, and knowing that Big Sweep donates Yu Cai Foundation, he decided to buy a few more tickets in support of Chinese education.


As he was selecting tickets, he glanced at this family chatting happily around his mother-in-law. Feeling the bliss of family life on this happy occasion, he declared that if he won a big prize, he would share the prize money with all of them.


The businessman returned to work on the 10th day of Chinese New Year. He was busy the whole morning and at noon received a phone call from his wife. She sounded both excited and panicky and he could not determine what she was saying.


Worried about his wife’s safety, he immediately left work for home to check on his wife.


When he reached home, his wife signalled to him to lower his voice, and handed him the Big Sweep tickets and the draw results published in the newspaper. She told him that one of his tickets matched the First Prize number 1843417 and the Jackpot number 7, and he has won RM12 million in total!


The lucky man was stunned for a moment and could not believe the news! He rushed into the bathroom and splashed water onto his face. When he felt the coldness of the water on his skin, he realised that he was not in a dream but has really become an overnight millionaire!


At the Big Sweep head office to claim his prize, he told the Big Sweep staff that he will fulfil his promise and share his winnings with his family. He is convinced that by doing so, good things will follow and the family will be blessed.


Among the many Big Sweep tickets he has bought, two of which matched the front four numbers of the First Prize, 1843, and thus won him another RM200.


The Jackpot Prize is won if any of the First, Second and/or Third Prize ticket(s) match the Jackpot number drawn. It starts at RM500,000 and if it is not won in the current draw, it will snowball to the next draw. There is no cap on the accumulated Jackpot Prize, and it could very soon surpass the RM3 million First Prize, presenting Big Sweep enthusiasts the chance to get rich overnight!