Newspaper vendor with cancer - stricken mother who sold winning lottery ticket, gets a win of his own
Date posted: 02 Aug 2019

Malay Mail

1 August 2019 | Thursday


IPOH, Aug 1 | Newspaper vendor Phen Kin Chuen took over his mother’s business of selling lottery tickets after she was diagnosed with cancer last year to help supplement his income.

Seven months later, the 45-year-old sold the winning ticket that netted a lucky person a million ringgits after the prize draw at the Selangor Turf Club on Sunday.

And while that made someone else’s day, Phen has reason to smile too because the win also netted him a little bonus in a commission, for dishing out the winning lottery ticket.

“My mom started selling lottery tickets two months before she was diagnosed with cancer, and stopped to concentrate on her treatment.

“I decided to take over and continue selling the tickets to supplement my income from selling newspapers,” he said.

While the commission cannot be revealed, it is understood it will be of some assistance to Phen.

Speaking to media at Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham here today, Phen said he would take up 1,500 lottery tickets to be sold at his two stalls every month.

Meanwhile, Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd Northern Region head Ang Chai Hong dismissed claims on winning tickets not surfacing in the same state after a prior win.

“We paid out to someone who bought their ticket from Perak last month and again this month we are paying out to a punter who bought their ticket from Perak,” she said.