Yu Cai Foundation allocates RM6 million for scholarship and educational equipment
Date posted: 14 Sep 2016

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14 September 2016 | Wednesday

Source: https://goo.gl/Jq7XOw


Petaling Jaya, 13 September | Yu Cai Foundation, a charitable initiative by Ananda Krishnan and Usaha Tegas Group will this year allocate a total of RM6 million to 45 eligible Independent Chinese Schools, National-type primary and secondary schools, in the form of student scholarship, teacher training scholarship and educational equipment.


Tiong Ting Ming, General Manager of Yu Cai Foundation said that Yu Cai Foundation award scholarship for further studies in Independent Chinese School and National-type secondary schools to eligible Malaysian students of any ethnicities with the aim to encourage the continuous learning of vernacular language and to ensure that competency in the language does not stay at elementary level or go into decline.


“The learning of vernacular languages helps to promote Malaysia’s unique multilingual and multicultural education system. In this regard, Yu Cai Foundation particularly focuses on schools that use Mandarin as medium of instruction.” He said that Yu Cai Foundation also believes that the learning of vernacular languages is conducive to the transmission of multiculturalism.


Speaking at Catholic High School in Petaling Jaya today, he explained the application procedures of Yu Cai Foundation to the school principals and staff of the schools concerned. Participants included Catholic High School’s PTA Vice-President, Han Chuan Chour and its Principal, Ong Boon Puah.


Ananda Krishnan is the Chairman of Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd, and Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd, wholly owned subsidiary of Usaha Tegas, distributes Big Sweep lottery tickets, whereby all surpluses are donated to Yu Cai Foundation.


To provide RM2 million worth of science apparatus each year

Yu Cai Foundation aims to provide RM2 million worth of science apparatus and technology components, to eligible schools to improve the quality of education and the competitiveness of students, such that they can compete more effectively at international level.


Yu Cai Foundation will also implement a student enrichment programme during the school holidays of 2017, for the lower and upper secondary scholars to gain team leading skills and other knowledge, with the view to shape them into responsible and outstanding individuals in their future careers.


For more information, please visit Yu Cai Foundation’s website at www.ycf.org.my.