Big Sweep First Prize goes to Seremban - Third Prize winner hits Jackpot of RM2.5 million
Date posted: 22 May 2017

Guang Ming Daily | Prime News | KB8

22 May 2017 | Monday


Ipoh 21 May | At the Big Sweep Draw 7/17 today, the Jackpot Prize of RM2.5 million was won in Malacca.


The last digit of Third Prize, 4731140, matched the Jackpot number drawn, 0, and the lucky winner won RM100,000 plus Jackpot Prize of RM2.5 million. The prize money totalling RM2.6 million is only slightly lower than the First Prize of RM3 million.


The First Prize ticket, 3273421, and the RM1 million Second Prize ticket, 4300403, were sold in Seremban and Kuantan respectively.


Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd Senior Executive - Operations, Cmon Nada disclosed the winning locations of the top three prizes to reporters after the draw at Perak Turf Club.


The draw today, based on Race 6 of the horse racing results at Selangor Turf Club on 26 February, produced three millionaires.


The next Big Sweep Draw 8/17 will be drawn on 11June 2017, and the Jackpot Prize will commence with RM500,000.