50 consecutive “coconut shell” tickets make 4 buddies over RM3 million richer
Date posted: 13 Jul 2017

Nanyang Siang Pau | News | Page B8

13 July 2017 | Thursday

Source: https://goo.gl/aqdjQ6

KUALA LUMPUR 12 July | Coconut shell brings more than RM 3 million prize money!


Four childhood friends from Melaka jointly purchased 50 continuous tickets printed with image of coconut, numbering from 2643550 to 2643599, and won themselves RM 3 million.


One of the tickets, 2643556 matched the First Prize at Big Sweep Draw 9/17 on 2 July 2017.


The other 49 tickets matched the front four numbers, 2643, and won RM100 each totalling RM4,900. In other words, all 50 of their lottery tickets won prizes.


News feature on “coconut shell charcoal”

One day before the draw day, they met for a dinner. One of them arrived early and bought an evening paper while waiting for the rest to arrive.


Always concerned about the increasingly environmental problems, he read the featured news on the uses of coconut shell charcoal by students at Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kedah, which not only help low-income families to create business opportunities but also as an environmental measure.


Upon the arrival of his 3 friends, the interesting coconut shell charcoal story became their main topic of the evening.


Sometime during dinner, a Big Sweep ticket seller approached them with tickets of the next day\\\\\\\'s draw. Originally only one of them started to buy the tickets but when they saw the picture of coconuts printed on the tickets, they took the sign and reached an agreement to buy 50 tickets in a row, starting from 2643550 to 2643599.


Over lunch on the second day after the results announcement, he heard his colleague saying that the Big Sweep First Prize was won in Melaka, and remembered the joint investment with his friends.


He called the friend keeping the tickets to check the results. After learning that all 50 tickets won prizes, the friend immediately informed his three buddies of the good news.


The next Big Sweep Draw 10/17 would be held on 23 July 2017 at Perak Turf Club. The accumulated Jackpot Prize would be RM1.5 million.